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(45 People Likes) Have you ever made it with a sex doll like Harmony? How was it?

Lust, I can freely tangle with my doll in bed, it feels really great. Currently I already have 3 dolls in my “leisure cottage” including 1 silicone doll and 2 TPE dolls. To tell you about my real experience, the feeling of having sex with a sex doll is really awesome. It’s relatively free to have sex with a doll, so you don’t have to worry about spreading STDs. If you want to know m

(37 People Likes) Should you buy a sex toy or sex doll

Having never done someone else’s hair before, this can be a bit challenging, but the results are really impressive. Of course, you should always keep your doll’s hair clean and well-groomed. Regular washing and brushing is key. If you want, you can lightly mist the hair with something that smells nice, or try a sexy hairstyle. Makeup is another option. Just use something mild and water soluble. This adds to the overall look of yours

(83 Likes) Jennifer: Our gymnastics sex doll

spends her days training hard for her next competition. She spends her nights using her flexibility and athletic skills to do amazing things in bed. She is also a real down to earth southern girl. She believes in good manners, home cooking and having fun with her man. Like most gymnasts, Jennifer is slim and petite with a 19 inch waist, 26 inch bust and 30 inch hips. She is equipped for vaginal, anal and oral sex

(94 Likes) How to get a sex doll? I am a 14 year old boy. Can or should I ask my father for something like this, or is that weird?

ea doll but i asked my dad for a sex t have sex with doll video y and he and i went online and i found one i like. I guess it all depends on how close you and your father are. My dad and I are pretty close and we’re nudists at home too, so nudity and sex aren’t really non-arguable topics

(82 People Likes) Why is it frowned upon to have a sex doll?

That would make the sex doll a sad substitute, and we’d be like: work on your real relationships! Then there is the illusion part. You are buying a product that is meant to create an illusion, but it is so obviously fake! How can I take anyone seriously who can believe in such gross deception! Third, sex dolls, like many other sex products, often look particularly tacky: not only are they obviously fake, but the love dolls don’t even represent interesting-looking individuals. They look like a company has tried to find the lowest common denominator of male taste find out and turn it into a product. You can see buying have sex with doll video as a sign of low self-esteem. Finally, some feminists take issue with the idea that men create fake women to abuse at will, as it supposedly reinforces evil thinking about women

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